I Like the Chase, but I’m Running Out of Breath

My heart the coyote,

You the roadrunner.

I the wolf,

You the moon.

I am chasing after your love,

I am howling for you.

I like the adventure,

But I’ll grow tired soon.

Can’t you see?

We go together,

Like a Phoenix and fire.

This hunt has

Awakened my wildest desires.

So don’t look else where,

Don’t look to her.

I will serve my heart on a silver platter,

If that’s what it takes

To make you stop running away.


He Was Never Mine

Infatuation infecting my brain,

Starving myself,

With the bread crumbs of

Affection he leaves.

To what ends do we go,

Just to make sure

An invisible door

does not close?

I Made Up My Mind but There You Are Again

Letting us go,

Was as easy as running over my own heart.

I thought it was what you wanted,

To not be burdened by me.

I’m trying not to think about you

But your image is relentless, so cold and haunting.

It won’t let me hear songs

About love, despair, happiness,

Without you there.

It won’t let me see pictures

Without reminding me of what could’ve been.

It won’t let me dream

Without dreaming of you loving me

Or holding another’s hand.

My heart is blinded by you, Why?

You are not the first to dine upon my body and soul,

You are not the first to say goodbye,

But why does yours hurt so?

Why does my heart

Not want to truly let you go?

Maybe in Our Next Lives, I Won’t Have to Miss You

One, two, three… stop. Breathe.

Time to face these demons again,

Laying my head next to your pillow.

I take you in,

Remembering when you laid beside

My now lifeless body,

Pulling me into your arms.

You kissed me so gently,


Love me,

Love me,

I don’t want to be alone.

We were always at battle,

With others,

With each other,

But all is fair in love and war.

I let the trumpets of victory roar,

You had won all my love,

The day you asked me to dance by the sea.


A man takes his sword

and pierces your heart,

The world is taking you from me.

Your eyes water,


Love me,

Love me,

I don’t want to die!

They did not just kill a king that day,

They killed my source of light.

To live a life without you,

Is something I do not wish,

But you taught me to stand strong,

So for you, this queen must live on.

Another Love Letter I Will Never Send

The thought of you used to bring heaviness on to my heart. As if it were a dead end road and I had nowhere to go. It was rain clouds and thunderstorms. A lack of color but the feelings were vibrant and unyielding. I would be moving forward but everywhere I turned, there you were. A stumbling block, a hindering page I had torn out but left sitting on my desk not wanting to throw away.

The feeling that I lost someone potentially special, that I lost you was so strong that I turned away from the endearing ones. I turned away from the softness, the sunshine, the Bliss. Then I finally realized you were never mine to begin with and I was never yours. I understand now that that is okay. I find it funny though since I have let the obsession of our connection go, you have slowly popped back into my world. Your name upon my screen still makes me smile and feel giddy inside. I still desperately hope we will meet again soon but the difference between now and then, is this time I know I will be okay if we don’t. The thought of you is nothing but joy. It feels weightless as if I was running through a meadow on a clear summer day. I hope you are laughing more, feeling loved, and complete. I hope that love finds you, even if it isn’t me.

The Heavens Cried Too When I Spoke of You

Softly I whisper our story

To the Heavens,

How it seems to have come to an end.

The clouds begin to settle in,

Gently dropping teardrops onto my skin.

As if to tell me they are sorry.

Somehow I believe that the angels themselves

Had something to do with our meeting.

I begin to loosen my grip

On the invisible rope I’ve tethered

Between your world and mine.

Until ever last inch has slipped through my fingers.

Letting the world of “us”

Gracefully fly through the

Ever-changing sky, so we can be free.

I intertwine the pain of loss,

With hope of a better tomorrow,

For both you and I.

Still I pray the universe will

Conspire to reunite us once again.

If this is really a match made by the heavens,

I will wait out these cold Winters and bittersweet Autumn’s,

Until you land back into my hands.

Note to Self

Your heart is fickle and sensitive

Falls in love quickly, crumbling so easily.

You are not sad all the time,

Only when you think about

Chapters that have come to an end.

You love to smile, don’t forget.

Remind yourself to feel the hurt, but don’t lose who you are.

You’re still the girl who loves dancing,

And drinking cheap beer,

Being the life of the party,

And going solo to concerts.

People will always hurt you dear,

But you’ll still be there, though moving forward,

Because it makes you happy knowing

You can be the person you’ve always needed

For somebody else.

Please don’t lose hope, you are worthy.